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It takes talent to create a good graphic design.  It takes talent and passion to create a perfect graphic design.

At Whitewall Design & Illustration, we believe that great designers are born with the talent.  We take pride in our team of talented graphic designers who love what they do and who create fresh and original designs for our clients.  They are the force that keep our company in the cutting edge of graphic design and allow us to innovate in every graphic creation.

We promise to interpret and transform your marketing ideas into effective marketing solutions. Our designs will fulfill your expectations, grab your customers’ attention, and will put your, idea, product, or service out there…

News & Events

  • 8/10/2008 Grand opening of our Whitewall Design & Illustration Studio in downtown Reading, PA.
  • 7/6/2008 New addition to the Whitewall Design & Illustration team.
La Cantina Cover

Feature Project

Alebrije Mexican Restaurant came to Whitewall Design & Illustration for help on a drinks menu. The challenge was to create a new and fresh authentic mexican look, consistent to that of the Alebrije's.

Our photography team went on location for an exclusive photo shoot of the various drinks they offer.


"The logo is fresh and you nailed the colors, the business cards are beautiful, thank you"
- Diane Williams
DW Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks

"The new menus look great, you really captured the feeling of the restaurant."
- Tina Grande
GNA Ristoraunte Pizzeria